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Does Ultimate Courts Sell Basketball Hoops And Other Court Supplies?

Yes, basketball hoops are among the many court supplies. Our selection includes portable basketball hoops, mini basketball hoops, indoor basketball hoops, backyard basketball hoops, kids basketball hoops and in ground goals. These supplies are ideal for both inside and outside courts, including commercial and residential courts. In addition to basketball hoops for inside and outside courts, we sells lights, fencing and nets. Quality court supplies are simply a supplement to the quality courts we build.

What Is The Warranty And Life Expectancy Of Ultimate Courts Game Tile?

The warranty for residential and commercial courts is 15 years and the life expectancy 25 to 30 years, be it an indoor court or backyard court outside.

Are Ultimate Courts Multi Game Court Tiles Slippery When Wet?

Ultimate Courts have a super grip surface so our tiles are safe. In addition to the super grip surface design, our backyard courts and commercial courts have an open grid design so water drains immediately. Plus, our tiles dry quickly. All of these safety measures are essential for multi game courts that involve a lot of running around.

Can I Roller Skate Or Rollerblade On Ultimate Sports Courts?

Our courts are suitable for roller skating and rollerblading. Ultimate Courts are durable, so roller skates or rollerblades won't harm your court construction.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Outdoor Sports Court After I Order It?

Court supplies ship within three to six business days of your paid order.

How Does The Ball Bounce On The Indoor Tennis Court Surface?

Our indoor tennis court and outdoor tennis court surface enhances ball bounce. Key to this design element in our outdoor and indoor tennis court construction is tile flatness and size. Whether you build a new court or simply need outdoor or indoor tennis court resurfacing or repair, the ball bounce is impressive. At 10.13" x 10.13", our outdoor tennis court and indoor tennis court construction tiles are smaller than competitor designs. The smaller the tile, the better it conforms to the subsurface for a truer ball bounce.

Will Extreme Heat And Sun Harm My Outdoor Court?

Our outdoor tennis court tile cannot be harmed by heat or sun. Our residential tennis and commercial tennis court constructions include UV protection. Though all tennis court surfacing naturally lightens, it is designed to withstand the harshest environments.

How Long Does The Game Line Painting Last On Ultimate Courts Outdoor Courts?

Our courts are painted with long-lasting polyurethane paint. Game lines painted on backyard courts look crisp for 7 to 10 years. Without direct sunlight, paint on indoor basketball courts stays fresh longer.

How Do I Clean My Ultimate Court Outdoor Tennis Court?

Our outdoor tennis court tile is practically maintenance free, but when cleaning is necessary it's easy to do. Though cleaning indoor tennis court tile will be infrequent, it's equally simple. Whether yours is a brand new commercial or backyard tennis court construction, home tennis court repair or tennis court resurfacing, Ultimate Court tile delivers the best in practical, quick-cleaning tennis court surfacing. You can clean your outdoor or indoor tennis court with a leaf blower, garden hose or power washer.

Can I Drive Over An Ultimate Courts Sports Court?

Yes, our outdoor tiles can be driven on. In fact, we regularly install indoor basketball courts in garages, with the same material we use for our official outdoor basketball courts. Granted, most are regulation size backyard basketball court constructions, but we can build a residential basketball court in your driveway.

What Are Your Basketball Courts Made Of?

Our basketball courts are made using a super grip surface design, which is the best on the market today for outdoor basketball courts and indoor basketball courts. The material used in our indoor basketball courts and outdoor basketball courts is blended with premium UV protectant colorant. This UV protectant is the best in the industry for construction of backyard basketball courts. We also add anti-static additives during the manufacturing process.

Will Extreme Cold Harm Ultimate Court Outdoor Tennis Courts?

Our outdoor tennis courts cannot be harmed by extreme cold. In fact, our outdoor residential tennis courts and commercial tennis courts have been brittle tested to minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit! Our indoor tennis courts are made of the same durable material.

What Kind Of Subsurface Do I Need For A Basketball Court?

We recommend building a backyard basketball court over a concrete or asphalt base or some other form of hard subsurface. This construction recommendation applies to both indoor basketball courts and outdoor basketball courts. This helps ensures a stable foundation for your basketball goals and hoops. Contact us for specifications so that we can help design your subsurface to proper size for your outdoor basketball court or indoor basketball court.